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the type of document is ( written analysis)

the research will be based on the life drawing sessions
The main focus of the figure drawing is on form, proportion and structure.

Research an artist, designer or illustrator

Choose an artist, illustrator or designer whose style you would like to investigate in depth.
You will need to research the techniques, media, contexts and objectives of that person’s figure
This will involve producing a typewritten analysis of the work with a photocopy or scan of the
sample drawing/s. The analysis should look at line quality, light sources, the description of form,
the proportion of the figure, the placement within the design space, how the artist/author uses
drawing tools, what media and papers have been used, what the purpose of the drawing is:
(sketch, exhibition, illustration). All sources for your research should be referenced.

Hint: This should not be a recount of the artist’s life/history, but rather an analysis of a particular
style/technique that the artist employs for their figure drawing/s.

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