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It is a debate so I wanna you to write some points to support this topic E-commerce. My position in this debate is (FOR) so I need some points and logical argument so I can argue with against group. And here more explaining about E-commerce. – E-commerce E-commerce is to the information revolution what the railroad was to the industrial revolution. The railroad mastered distance – e-commerce eliminates it. The Internet provides the enterprise with the ability to link one activity to another to make real-time data widely available, both within the company and to outside suppliers, outside channels of distribution, and customers. It strengthens the move to disintegrate the corporation. But, the great strength of e-commerce is that it provides the consumer with a whole range of products, no matter who makes them. Examples include Amazon.com and CarsDirect.com. E-commerce separates, for the first time, selling and producing. Selling is tied no longer to production but to distribution. There is absolutely no reason why any e-commerce facility should limit itself to marketing and selling one maker\’s products or brands. Take a position( For ) : is E-commerce the end of traditional customer / supplier arrangements? What might be the drawbacks or limitations of E-commerce? Has it been a swift revolution or will its effects play out gradually over many years? What is your view about online education?

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