Ebay Case Study Custom Essay

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Ebay case study analysis

Answer the following Questions


1- use Porter’s Theory of National Competitive Advantage of Industries model
2- global or multi-domestic strategy
3-Explain the meaning of the concept of ‘strategic groups’. Then, explain how the use of strategic groups’ analysis contributes to a better understanding of the forces that shape competitiveness in a given industry. In order to illustrate your points please refer to some relevant examples.
4-Explain how a diversified firm can create value via two relevant methods of diversification. You are required to explain what these methods are and discuss how each of them contributes to enhancing a firm’s competitiveness. You may refer to some relevant examples to explain your points


5- Discuss the five elements that make up ebay strategy. Then, evaluate Please provide justifications for your answer by referring to the relevant theory and evidence from the case.

6- What does Chandler suggest about the relationship between structure and strategy? Please substantiate your answer theoretically, by discussing the features of a particular organisation structure, and through an example illustrating the structure-strategy thesis.
7- The emphasis on various generic strategies, functional areas and value-creating activities varies over the course of an industry life cycle. By referring to an industry of your choice discuss the type of generic strategy that firms will mostly follow at each stage of the industry’s life cycle. Also evaluate the impact of the strategy on the firm’s value-adding activities at each stage.
8-Related diversification is a corporate-level strategy that contributes to enhancing a corporation’s value creation through specific synergistic mechanisms. By referring to an organisation of your choice, discuss how related diversification determines the realisation of important synergies within the corporation.


9- Undertake a competitive analysis of the cement industry. Then, with reference to the cement industry’s typical value-chain

1. Porter’s Five Forces.
2. Value-chain analysis.
3. Diversification via vertical integration.

10- With reference to the Resource-Based View (RBV) of the firm, discuss the four criteria that a firm’s resources must possess in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Provide relevant examples to illustrate your points for each of the four criteria.

11- Discuss the benefits and risks of vertical integration. Explain at least three of the key issues that companies should consider when deciding whether or not to vertically integrate. Provide relevant examples to illustrate your explanations for each of the issues.

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