Eco-tourism Essay: assess areas that meet the criteria and those that do not to be classified as as Eco-tourism Essay

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Ecotourism Product Analysis Part B: Evaluation Report
Individual assessment item: The report is to be completed individually.
A report: 1200words (the detail see the power point)

The following information must be included:
1. Analyse the features of the venture that classify it as ecotourism. In this section you should be critical and assess areas that meet the criteria and those that do not. You should also describe any particular areas in which the operation seems to be lacking.
2. Describe and assess the management practices and quality control measures that the operator has implemented to minimise negative impacts and ensure that the venture is sustainable. The content of this section will depend upon the individual product you have chosen to study and it will be up to you to decide what material is relevant to answer the question. To do this, you will need to access material in a number of ways, including contacting the operator, examining their promotional literature or website, visiting the site or undertaking a tour, looking at the type of organisations it belongs to, and so on.
3. Describe two other stakeholders who have or may have an interest in the area in which this venture operates. Explain the nature of their relationship. For example, it may be farmer, recreational or conservation groups, or other tourism operators, and the relationship may be one of conflict or cooperation.
4. Provide recommendations that would improve the operation of the chosen venture with respect to sustainability and the principles of ecotourism.
Remember, throughout your project you need to justify your analysis by reference to academic literature.
You may wish to include supporting information as appendices at the end of the report. Note that appendix material is not included in the word length.
The paper is required to be a in a report format with the following sections:
• A title page, which includes your name, student number, title of the paper, date, course name and course convenor’s name.
• An executive summary, which is a ‘stand-alone’ document that states the purposes of the report and provides the main conclusions and recommendations of the report. The executive summary is not included in the word length but should be a maximum of one page single-line spacing.
• A table of contents.
• An introduction, body and conclusions.
• A list of references (the reference list is not included in the word length).

Part B Report Marking Guide 3119HSL
Please tick this box if you want feedback from the marker: ?
Note: the feedback using ticks and crosses in the low, average and high achievement categories does not directly or quantitatively relate to the mark for each aspect.
Presentation and Report Criteria Low Ave High Mark
1.0 Analysis and understanding (50%)
Critical assessment of ecotourism features showing understanding of the key ecotourism criteria (identify features that are lacking)
Application of theory to practice – understanding of the issues of sustainable management
Application of theory to practice showing understanding of the issues of quality control

Demonstrated ability to identify issues relating to ecotourism
Demonstrated ability to identify relevant stakeholders
Sound recommendations based on relevant theories and concepts

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