Economic Success in Natural Environment Custom Essay

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Essay topics
Choose one of the following topics and write 2,500 words following closely the instructions given. (I choose the second one)

1. Using 3 carefully chosen, described and analysed illustrations, show how images of ‘success’ used in the contemporary labour market revolve around the themes of potentiality, performativity and perfection.

2.Using 3 carefully chosen, described and analysed illustrations, discuss the dilemma posed by the following statements: “Economic success depends on investment in the natural environment” (Natural England, 15 October 2009); and “Modern economies are based upon a particular fine-grained approximation of time, arising out of two linked developments. The first of these developments is the increasing attention given to the measurement of short-term financial performance. … The second development is a general speed-up in the conduct of business. In particular, the increasing speed of production and consumption (…) means that firms are forced to launch new products more frequently.” (Thrift, 2002)

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