Learning Outcomes tested (from module syllabus) Assessment Criteria To achieve each outcome a student must demonstrate the ability to: ? Explore the economic issues and challenges facing individuals and firms and understand how resources are allocated in a mixed economy and a command economy ? Explore market inefficiencies, social costs and benefits and gain a strong foundation for a practical problem-solving approach by using the technique of economic analysis – Work as an individual to research, write and structure a report that looks at their findings in regards to housing market in London – This report will look at the trends in the house prices in the last 5 years and the factors that have influenced prices in London. – In a separate section students will also look at the role of government and their interventions in this market. – Deploy analytical frameworks systematically and consistently. – Synthesise theoretical material with practical and actual trends in the market to generate proper discussions and critique. TASK DESCRIPTION Individual Assignment TASKS You are required to write a report looking at the following requirements: Part a) 70% of the total Examine the factors that determine the price of houses in the last 5 years in London. Part b) 30% of the total Critically discuss how and to what extent government policies can affect house prices. You are required to research and write a report analysing and summarizing your findings. Please use the demande and supply in all of the essay to explain how demand and supply affect the housing prices , and is it possible to put ceilling price for that or not , with all the graphic of demande and supply for example below every graphic explanation of the housing prices in london to graphic

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