Editing my Thesis Custom Essay

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I have uploaded a file called full thesis draft 1 please read it and follow the steps down here to fix it
I highlighted the parts i noticed in yellow so pls fix it cos it will be my second draft remember to do it in truck changes.
I want you to do the following steps:
1- Use the truck changes when you editing my thesis.
2- Cut the thesis into clear chapters and clear structure.
3- Any part in wrong place and it is relevant to ICSID move it to ICSID chapter
4- Any part relevant to Free trade agreements “FTAs” put it in separate chapter and stick it under sharia chapter (ask your self how dose it effect Investment climate and what are the dispute resolution cluses in the agreement).
5- Delete all repetition or ask yourself Do i need it?.
6- Move anything in wrong place and put it in right place either in the same chapter or in another chapter.
7- Check on the head titles and make sure that is relevant to the content if not change it.
8- You have to write the Dates in Arabic and English calendars
9- You have to write the currency in Saudi riyals and US dollars.
10- You have to add table of continent to the thesis.
11- You have to write Index of abbreviations.
12- Insert the page numbers. And have a clear lines before the footnotes.
13- Delete my comments i mean delete where i say do this and that such as wrong places words and questions.

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