Education Essay – Own Life Experiences Essay

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IMPORTANT: First use one of my own life experiences to be main essay’s point and related to the readings that i will send you later and the powerpoint as well

First , this time my essay is worth a lot and a lot of points, so please try your best to do your best and please listen carefully the instructions that I am tell you. Please listen carefully, otherwise you will did it in the wrong way and I will get an F for it. Because this time my professor gave us a lot of special rules that we have to followed. Ok , at first, in this essay, We have to answer 3 questions that which is in the prompt and answer all of it. First we have to find a life experience shows we really attend to that place and watch or do the whole things with specific details. For example, I will use the wedding to do an example. If you choose this topic, so that is mean, you have to really go there, or you can make it up as well. But then no matter you make it up or you really went there before, you still have to write specifically about what you see and what you did in the weddings with specific details in order to related to the readings that I am going to send you later. So first you have to pick a topic or you can make it up a topic with something’s you know it so well, or you really attempt before and you can remember the whole process that you do or see in that place. Because you have to write really specific things related to the topic that you choose. Or you can also use my example of Wedding. Because wedding will really fit in my essay, and is so useful because it related to a lot of things in the readings that I will send you later. SO you should use Weddings, and Use your personal example to be my example will be fine as well, because the professor will never know whether I really go or not , so that is why I said even thought you never attended to any weddings , but you can still write about wedding is because you can make it up and no one will know, just pretend you really went that place before. So you should only focus on wedding this topic and read the articles that I will send you later and related to all the readings that I sent it to you. So after you choose your topic, then you will start you essay, but the professor said this time our topic must be a “UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE” topic, What is UNHAPPY PREFORMATIVE?? That is one of the concepts readings that you have to well anyalze and have a well understandings before you start to do my essay, but I will also briefly explain what is it in the notes that I will sent you later, please check the notes OFFENTLY, About the UNHAPPY PREFROMATVE, You have to follow 4 questions or rules that you follow before you decide whether this wedding is UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE or not. YOU have to read from the book and you will also see my powerpoints slide as well,, because it helps you to understand more, but you have to read the readings first, then you can see the powerpoint after, because if you watch the powerpoint first, and then you do the readings, you will never get the main concept , because the pwoerpoints is not specific enough to let you understand all the concepts that in the readings. SO you have to read the artilces that first and watch the powerpoints that I will send you later. it talks about what is UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE , You have to follow several questions and rules in order to decide wehter this thing is UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE or not. If does, why , then you will related to Infelicities to be the reason. U have to read the readings and see what is Infelicities as well. well the procedure that you write in this essay must have to show people that you already follow certain rules or questions that which can support that the wedding that you gonna write is UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE. and follow the readings of the concepts and explain why. And Please don’t mix with Happy Prefomrative , because that is totally opposite meaning with UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE, so please don’t mess it up. This time you have to write your topic whicc is Wedding and you have to write with UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE way, not a happy preformative way. You have to write in UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE one. If you do it wrong, I will directly fail the whole essay. Because you didn’t follow what I say. This point, professor didn’t write it down into the prompt, so please listen carefully what I just said, you have to write in UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE way of your topic, then find evidence or things to support why is UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE because of infelicities, and before you say is a UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE you have to follow several rules and questions to decide to be a UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE also explain specifically the procedure of how you decide the wedding that you wrote into the paper is UNHAPPY PREFORMATVE.
Second after you pick the topic, you have to reading all the readings that I will send you later, and you have to read it and well analyze it with fully understanding before you write my paper. So after you read it carefully and understanding all the concept, you will know how to write my paper, but you have to use a lot of different quotes that from the readings in order to finished up my paper. SO read through what I will send you later and write with the topic that you choose. And I will also send you the Powerpoint that it will help you to understand of the readings. I will give you little hints as well, actually those readings that I will send you later is all basic concept with it appear in our life, is all simple staff, but those author who wrote their own readings become so hard and hard. So don’t make it too hard for yourself, try your best to get the main concept and if you still don’t really understand you can watch that powerpoints that I will sent you later in order to understand everything before you write my essay. Here is one extremely important things that you have to know, before you write my essay, if you still don’t understand what are you are doing or you still not well understanding the readings that I had sent you and you don’t know how to start or you are not well analyzing enough or you still feel confuse, please ask me before you start to do this paper, because this paper worth me a lot a lot of points, If you did it in a wrong way, I will directly fail this class, because this essay, cause me more than half of the class (points) , so before you do this paper, you have to make sure yourself well understand with all the readings that I had sent you and you know how to starts and you should know how all the concepts from the readings that related to the topic that you choose of the essay. So before you do my paper, you should have 100% of confidences can get an A for me in this essay, otherwise you should ask me to understand everything before you start to do my paper. I don’t want to fail this class. And also I will explain to you specifically in my own words about some of the concepts that you will see in the readings in order to help you understand easier and help you to understand more about the concept of the readings , then you can pull up more and more specifically details and example that for my essay from the concepts of the readings.

And I will also send you the essay prompt as well, and please follow it but in the prompt , something is not written specific , so things I tell you that you have to follow, please follow, because something’s that he only mentioned in class and he forgot to type into the prompt, so please follow and what said and also follow what the prompt said. Thanks

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