educational institution in Saudi Arabia Academic Essay

Paper detailsOverarching question: what are the necessarily skills for Saudi women to lead an educational institution in Saudi Arabia?Qualitative question: What are the perspectives of women in Educational leading positions in Saudi Arabia as compared toArab women in Educational leading positions in other gulf countries?Please organize the paper with an appropriate titles and subtitles.Provide properly APA formatted citations to support your commentary.Attached is some documents that may help you while writing your paper but you may include any other sources as you see fit.Introduction:1. A Background Section that will briefly provide contextual information that will aid the readers understanding of what willfollow.2. Problem Statement and Significance of the problem.3. Statement of the Research Question and if relevant hypotheses.4. A discussion of why the study will be unique (Uniqueness of Study). This section may include citations that support yourargument for uniqueness. It is extremely important that you have done a comprehensive reading of your topic prior to writingin order to support the uniqueness of your study.5. A statement explaining the Purpose of the Study.6. Operational Definitions. [These are one to three sentences long?? they will be discussed in more detail in the literaturereview.]Literature Review (four pages) Write a 4 pages literature review in which you provide a review of the essential literature relating to the selected theoreticalframeworks. Include a thesis statement for the review, and include appropriately related subheaders. Provide a theoretical foundation for your operational definitions. Provide a theoretical foundation for your research question. [This is where you find and read all of the studies that aredirectly related to your study and justify why/how your study is unique.] You are required to utilize a theory or theoretical framework (TF) to inform the organization of various parts of the topic ofWhat are the perspectives of women in Educational leading positions in Saudi Arabia as compared to Arab women inEducational leading positions in other gulf countries? which will be used in another assignment in the analysis andinterpretation of the collected data/information. This will the reader to better understand the process of selecting a theoretical framework and in the explanation of thetheoretical framework and its use in the study. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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