Effectiveness of CBT and IPT for child and adolescent with depression Academic Essay

Discuss the effectiveness of both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) for depression in children and adolescents. Critically review the evidence and consider the implications for the CAMHS population. In the beginning, please talk about depression disorder and how this disorder is effect the child and adolescent population. Briefly talk about what is CBT and how to use CBT to treat depressed children and adolescents. Then, please talk about the effectiveness (what is working or what is not working and why? Also can be understand as the advantages and disadvantages) of using CBT in depressed children and adolescents. Please write this part in details. For example, if you are giving one advantage about using CBT in depressed children and adolescents population, please give specific evidences from journals about why this is an advantage; and please cite clear and carefully in the essay (every time when making a statement, and when its not a personal opinion, please cite it. There isnt a thing called over-citing).Different journals may have different opinions on those advantages and disadvantages. For example, some advantages in article A may appear as disadvantages in article B. If there are such situations in the journals, please talk about them as a type of critique. Similar things will happen in the IPT sections, briefly talk about what is IPT and how to use IPT to treat depressed children and adolescents. Then, the effectiveness (whats working and whats not? or advantages and disadvantages) about using IPT in young depressed population. Great details and evidences should also be used here. Critiques about different opinions on adv. and disadv. may also be covered in this part of the essay, too. In the two treatments, there may be some aspects that CBT is doing poorly on, but appearing as a strong part in IPT, or vise versa. Please thoroughly talk about those parts in the essay as well. Additional files will be uploaded, but may not cover all the aspects; so, please run additional search if necessary (please do not heavily dependent on Wikipedia, if doing additional search).In the additional files, some of the papers may also mention about pharmacotherapy, but this paper will only focus on psychosocial treatments for depression in children and adolescents.

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