Effects of sports marketing on the entertainment industry Academic Essay

Writing Assignment #3: ResearchSupportedCauseEffectEssayThe effects of sports marketing on the entertainment industryOrganizationThe essay should have the following elements:an engaging introductory paragraph. You might even want to cite sources in the opening paragraph to make your openingengaging to the reader.an effective and clear thesis statementa statement of definitions and background on the topic on which you are writing.??You will want to define any terms necessary for the reader.??You may want to provide a historical background on your topic.unified, supported, and coherent body paragraphs that defend the thesissources cited throughout the body paragraphs that support the arguments in the paperan effective conclusiona references page that lists the sources cited. The references should be listed in APA format.The sources and citation format for this essay.You are required to use at least six sources for this essay.At least four sources must be acquired through the databases subscribed to by UMUCs Information and Library Services. (http://www.umuc.edu/library/) (L In addition, at least three sources are to come from scholarly journals.Keep in mind that if the sources are scholarly, the argument you make in the paper will be more persuasive. For this reason,feel free to use all scholarly sources if you can.In addition, please feel free to cite more than six sources. You may find that seven or eight sources (or more) are necessary toestablish your argument and defend your thesis. Please do not feel limited to using only six sources. Use more if you wouldlike to or need to. Please cite your sources and list them at the end of your paper using APA format.The essay will be an expository essay that synthesizes material, an essay in which you give information to the reader and PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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