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this is an group assignment
the topic choosen is – the textbook exchange website i have attached the scoping document that explains what we have choosen and in red is the actuall work set out for my part please read it carefully… i have included it here but it is important you read the actual attached file!

• In this section of the plan you are encouraged to show your creativity on how you are going to reach the potential of your idea/opportunity. However, your creativity must be combined with and substantiated by the use of e-marketing theory and practice. Here you must use your text, course notes and readings to support your strategies. This section will be assessed from both a creative and use of theory and practice perspective. Both theory and practice must be combined with flare; flare by itself is not acceptable, and will not be rewarded. You must concisely reason and argue your case.
Idea Objectives
• You are being asked here to provide the progress points for your idea. Remember, objectives must be SMART. They should also be consistent with your analysis that is the opportunities and constraints of the market.
• • These objectives are to be specific to your idea. They are concerned with things like increasing sales, market share, brand awareness, repeat purchase, customer satisfaction or cost efficiencies.
• • It is advisable to set fewer objectives rather than providing a large set, because you need to remember that your strategies must address each of the objectives set.
E-Marketing Strategy for Idea
• In this section you should briefly explain your overall e-marketing strategy for your idea.
• • To do this you should inform the reader in which market you intend to compete (most students compete in the existing market but with an electronic presence); inform the reader of the target market(s) to which you are to direct your electronic offer; advise the basis on which you intend to compete, that is, the distinctiveness

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