emergency patient scenario (Radiology) Academic Essay

Emergent Patient Scenarios Answers will be assessed by use of knowledge gained from the entire two year program. Answers must be complete and use proper spelling and grammar. Answer how you would approach and deal with the presented issues including what projections, legal or ethical decisions, any positioning adaptation needed, and technical factors that might need to be changed to fit the situation. 1) Your patient is an 82 year old woman who, according to her neighbor, fell on the ice while in her yard trying to pick up her newspaper. She is in the supine position on a stretcher, is asthenic and kyphotic. She is alert and responsive and not appearing to be in excessive pain. Her left foot is laterally rotated and her left forearm appears swollen and painful. The ER physician has ordered the following radiographs: left forearm; AP pelvis; left hip; left wrist. Describe in detail how you would complete the radiographs. 2) You have a 74 year old man with a diagnosis of dementia. He is running a fever and suffering from dyspnea. His physician has ordered a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. The patient is in a wheelchair with a posey vest tied to the back of the wheelchair and is on oxygen with an O2 tank attached to the wheelchair. When you bring him into your x-ray room and describe what you are going to do, he states that he does not want to have anything done and becomes combative. How would you handle the situation and obtain the necessary images? 3) Your next patient is a 45 year old woman who was found walking in the middle of the street talking to an invisible person named Sam. Her face and hands are bloody and it appears that she had either fallen or been assaulted. The ER doctor has ordered the following exams: facial bones; bilateral hands. When you bring the patient into the room she becomes agitated and begins fighting with Sam. What would you do? 4) Your patient is a 23 year old woman who is 3 months pregnant. She was involved in a car accident and received a crushing injury to her chest from the steering wheel. She is unconscious, supine, and on a backboard with a cervical collar in place. She is intubated. The following radiographs have been ordered: sternum and chest. How would you approach this situation? 5) You have been called into the trauma room. The patient is a 26 year old male who has been involved in a high speed motorcycle accident where he ran into the back of a slower moving car and was thrown over the car and into the roadway. He was wearing a helmet. He is on a backboard with a cervical collar in place. On examination it is noted that there is clear fluid flowing out of his right ear. He is unresponsive and he has been intubated. You are asked to do the following images: lateral cervical spine; AP CXR; AP pelvis; left femur; skull. How would you accomplish these images?

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