Energy Transition problem Academic Essay

Energy Transition problem Motivating Scenario Mike OKeefe, chair of the Systems Engineering Australia (SESA) Energy Transition Working Group (ETWG) states the Mission of the ETWG to define a transition plan for Australias national energy grid from coal based to renewable energy to reach the vision statement goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and to apply Systems Engineering lifecycle practices to identify the stake holder requirements. The proposal for a Vision Statement is, Proposed Vision Statement, based on the Paris Climate Agreement, of December 2015, for the Energy Transition Working Group is for Australia to support the goal of global warming below 1.5?C by 2100 with a more than 50% chance (, while Australian energy and industry CO2 emissions will reach zero by 2050 You as a strategic management consultant are asked to analyse the situation, and give recommendations for the strategy to implement this vision. As part of this, you are asked to: Identify the stakeholder entities in the Energy Transition challenge Describe the Business Concept that outlines the vision of this future business architecture (note that you may need to be indirect in your approach, e.g., instead of defining a complete business architecture that can be assumed valid and unchanged for the next 15+ years, you might have to define the mechanism through which the business architecture is evolved over time) Perform strategic analyses to support your strategic advice to be given below Detail the strategy to implement the vision, including the strategic goals and objectives, and the policies and principles that should guide this transformation, and Describe, using a dynamic business model, what is involved in the transition plan, i.e., the transformation of the present business architecture to realize this envisioned future. In a real life scenario what you are producing would be included in a Business Plan, but this assignment does not ask you to create a complete business plan. For this assignment you must do research on the Energy Transition problem and find strategic analyses to support your strategy. Your major source can be industry analyses, as well as refereed journal and conference articles but may in addition also use other sources such as respectable government and company publications, publications of the World Economic Forum, etc.

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