Entrepreneurship and Enterprise – Report and Reflection Essay

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Coursework Briefing

Part 2, Report and Reflection (80%)

A report which explores a range of entrepreneurship issues in relation to the “Experiential case study”.
You should also include a focused reflection (worth 20% of the marks) based around your personal experiential learning which demonstrates

understanding of entrepreneurial trait theory in relation to your individual characteristics.

Word limit 3000 for both the report and the reflection.

The report is a reflective piece of work where you will primarily report on your experience in organising and running your event and what you

learnt along the way.

Your report needs to be structured and presented professionally. It is recommended that you organise your document in a logical way as suggested


? Title Page
Including your name, course and contact details. Please also make a note of your group name and the other group members in your group.
? Introduction
? Profile of the Charity and the community involved
? How the activity/event evolved, was planned & promoted, an evaluation of the stages leading up to your event drawing on module themes

  • Resource constraints
  • Organisational & community issues
  • Implementation and outcomes – an evaluation of your event drawing on module themes
  • Statement of Income and Expenditure/Finance and analysis
  • What recommendations would you offer to future students running a live project?
  • Letters of certification from the organisation or Charity as evidence of your group contribution This is a requirement of the assignment so make sure you include it!
  • What you learnt about yourself and your behaviors (this is the focused reflection worth 20%)

Feel free to address some of the emotional or psychological issues of working in a team. How did you feel? What parts did you enjoy or dislike?

Did you learn anything about yourself as a businessman/woman/entrepreneur? Reflect on your characteristics as a future business


Remember throughout the report you should reflect on what you have learnt about intrapreneurship and enterprise theory and practice.

Make links therefore with academic theory to support the points you make where appropriate. Theory can be found in lecture notes, recommended

reading and journal articles.

Harvard Referencing should be used throughout.
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