Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation Academic Essay

Paper detailsAn individual 4000 word business plan based on a business idea devised by the student.In this assessment, we will be looking to see evidence of your understanding of the process of evaluating a business idea andthe value of the theories and techniques that you have used in that process.The stronger answers will provide a brief introduction/executive summary, this can be from 5001000in length, to thebusiness idea along with a short description of the techniques used in developing and refining that idea. You will alsoevaluate how your business idea will address the needs of your target market and customer. These need to be separatesections within your plan.Following these evaluations, you will be able to suggest how you might improve on the planning process you undertook andassess the value of the process as a whole and draw some conclusions as to the most relevant theories for developing abusiness plan. You will also need to include detail in every part of your plan?? please do not leave any areas to doubt. Detailwill get you marks.We will provide further guidance on this piece of work, especially the structure of your assignment, early on in the semester.Key areas which need to be included within your business plan are as follows: An introduction to your business idea, stating clearly what the idea is, what area it addresses and who it is aimed at. What is its target market? Who are its target customerstheymay be different. Clear startupcosts covering all areas?? premises, machinery, staff, raw materials etc. A 5 year financial plan A 5 year profit and loss account A break even analysis report PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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