Entrepreneurship Essay / Paper

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This class is legal,risk ,and financial entrepreneur class. and our concept is the following: "Our aim is to provide a trading platform for books and school supplies between students at better prices than bookstores and other online stores. " thats our team concept statement.

We are trying to open a website to sell school books and school supplies for a cheaper price than normal bookstores. each of the members in the group will be doing a certain part of the following:
I. The Business Idea
a. Description of Your Business
b. Description of the Team

II. The Product/Service
a. Unique Features: Benefits (list and describe)
b. Unique Features: Limitations (list and describe)
c. Competitive Advantage
d. Trends Related to the Product or Service (list and describe)

III. The Industry and Market (can use ENT280 information here)
a. Current Industry
b. Market Potential for this Industry
c. The Competition
d. Customers
e. Market Penetration

My job is part 3 parts A(current industry) and B(market potential) only. What I need is 3 pages about each part of my idea which is a. Current Industry
b. Market Potential for this Industry)

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