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i will uploard three different files.

there will be 3 different variables in Economic sector and the other 3 for socio cultural factor.

among those 6 variables, you have to find a threat parts which will be effecting hotel industry.you dont need to write threat on those whole 6 variables, please three which can be a threat to hotel industy and expain.i will copy acutual questions below. ( please focus on Australia, Queensland and Gold coast region)

Actual questin :
3. Likewise, analyse how the impact of the trends could create threats for firms within the hotel sector (350 words, 10 marks)
(Hint – The question that needs to be addressed here is: Are there threats that arise from the trends identified in item 1 above? In some instances, the
trends in the macro environment and their impact on the micro environment may not create threats for firms in a given sector. If this is so, use the findings from 1 above and state the reasons why they do not pose a threat to firms within the sector.)

as when you reading those files, there will be a section that talking about exchange rate in australia. it is saying that for australia, Queensland and Gold coast regaion for exchange rate was decreasng and stable for last few years. i dont think it was decreased,and i actually thinking it was increased..can you have a look and change it you are agree with me?thanks

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