Environmental Issues; Creative solution that will achieve a significant and sustainable reduction in your energy use custom essay

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This essay is about “provide a creative solution to a problem”. You have already done the mind map for me. I have attached the Required Readings file under name of PART 1,2,& 3, and also I have attached the essay structure file under name of essay planning.
* To help you with this essay you will need to:
1. Reread the Essay Assessment Criteria.
2. Draw on the following resources:
? A minimum of 5 Required Readings
? Skills section: especially on essay writing
? Critical Thinking Toolbox:
? The Processes of Creativity and Innovation,
? Osborn?s Creative Problem Solving Process (CPSP),
? Three or more Creative Thinking Tools: to generate a range of ideas.
? Further research about your issue or problem
1- Introduction and conclusion.
2-Worked through each stage of Osborm’sCPSP.
3-Using the creative thinking tools to generate a number of possible solution in stage 2.
4-Using Chicago Style as a referencing methods. (in-text & end references).

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