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Read these two essays and answer the following questions.

#1 The Four Causes of A Car
#2 Money, Money, Money

Review Details;
In the BODY of the essay, is it clear how each paragraph connects to the theme or thesis of the essay? How? Is the author’s explanation of the Four Causes clear? Does she or he accurately identify how the Final, Formal, Efficient, and Material Causes apply to their field of industry? Does the author then move on to show how his or her area of industry has made the efficiency principle the bottom line, and what the cost of that move has been to humanity and the health of the planet? If not, what’s missing? Are there enough specific examples? If not, where are more required? In the main section of the essay, does the author successfully show how his or her industry, such as tobacco products, fast food restaurants, oil companies, Hollywood film studios, HMO’s, etc., would transform if instead of having efficiency as their bottom line, they balanced their approach by giving equal important to the other three Causes? Is the discussion balanced, and is each Cause given equal weight? Does the picture that emerges satisfy you in its completeness? Does the CONCLUSION give you a feeling of completeness and closure? What are two seriously positive qualities of this essay? Give the author two strong suggestions that would help this be a better essay. (about 400 words)

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