Essays for political science

1. Californias Initiative Process, including Propositions 22, 8, and the 2008 state Supreme Court decision related to Prop 22.2. The struggle to ratify the U.S. Constitution, including the loophole, representation, and the compromise over slavery.3. Selective Incorporation.4. The bottom line reasons the media does not play the watchdog role.5. The differences between Republicans and Democrats, including the issue of victimless crimes, legislating morality, and the irony related to American voters being candidate centered.6. Interest group strategies and the distinction between an interest group and a social movement.7. The Electoral College, including an understanding of the 2000 presidential election.8. The political process of how a bill becomes a law, including pork & legislative amendments.9. Californias ballot, including the deliberation process and the various means of funding initiatives bond measures.10. The Supreme Courts strategy of standing up to dead presidents. I want (10) essays, each one page or page and a half but it must covers political stuff

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