Ethical Conduct in Youth Work Academic Essay

BackgroundDuring Autumn 1999 the National Youth Agency circulated a discussion document,Ethics in Youth Work1.This contained a draft statement of principles of ethicalconduct for youth work,and sought responses from the field via a questionnaireand two consultative seminars.The statement has now been revised and can befound in section 5 of this document.It takes into account comments made in thequestionnaire returns and the seminars.Whilst there was a variety of opinionsabout the exact wording of the statement,there was a general consensus ofopinion that a statement should be developed and adopted,and that this shouldremain at the level of general principles,rather than giving detailed guidance on theconduct of practitioners (Banks,2000)2.While there have been some calls for a longer, more detailed and rule-based codeof conduct,this would be difficult to apply to all types of youth workers working indifferent settings and agencies.It might also be so prescriptive as to curtail theprofessional freedom and responsibility of the youth worker.Whilst the statementof principles presented here leaves some concepts unexplored (we may well ask,what do we mean by justice,when is an interest legitimate?),its aim is primarilyto develop ethical awareness and to encourage reflection as the basis for ethicalconduct rather than to tell youth workers exactly how to act in particular cases.More detailed documents on certain issues (such as what levels of risk areappropriate, how to handle conflicts of interest),and guidelines on particularaspects of professional practice (such as confidentiality, handling suspected cases ofabuse) could be provided to supplement the statement of principles.These wouldcome better from individual employers or organisations to fit particular localcircumstances or age groups.And/or some bodies may wish to produce a shorterversion of this text.The statement of principles is in section 5 of this document.Sections 1 to 4 offersome background comments on the nature and purpose of youth work,theimportance of ethics in youth work,the purpose of the statement of principles anda short summary of the principles.1 National Youth Agency (October 1999) Ethics in Youth Work, Leicester, NYA.2 Banks,S. (2000) Report to National Youth Agency on Ethics in Youth Work, Durham,Community and Youth Work Studies Unit,University of Durham.1National Youth Agency Statement of PrinciplesEthical Conduct in Youth Work1 The nature and purpose PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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