Ethical issues of Honda Custom Essay

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The organisation that I have chosen to write is Honda. In the appendix I need a PESTLE analysis and issues matrix. Below is my assignment brief.

Learning Outcomes being assessed Knowledge and Understanding
K1 Explain key ethical theories in relation to the study of organisations
K2 Demonstrate understanding of the principal ethical theories
K3 Explain how and why issues develop
K4 Understand how crises should be managed Cognitive Skills
C1 Apply ethical theory to key issues in the organisational environment
C2 Apply problem solving skills to generate a considered response Practical and Professional Skills
P1 Assess the relevance of ethical concepts to an organisation’s corporate communication practice.
P2 Critically analyse the impact of issues and crises on an organisation

Transferable and Key Skills
T1 Construct, argue and defend a case based on theoretical principles and individual judgement.
T2 Apply appropriate research strategies
T3 Communicate effectively through a written report

Assignment detail:

You are tasked with undertaking an academic research report on an organisation of your choice. You will be asked to submit a research report title and research plan for approval by your tutor, to ensure that it is relevant and appropriate to the course’s learning objectives. This project is meant to allow you to explore a single organisation and its approach to ethical issues and how it has developed its issue management strategy over time. You will be expected to explain not only the theoretical and/or legal underpinnings of the issue, but also to demonstrate how it has impacted on the reputation, corporate communications and corporate social responsibility of the organisation.

As this is a research report, you will be expected to complete not only secondary research, but also to conduct one element of relevant primary research.

Research topic recommendations:

Your chosen organisation should be involved with more than one of the ethical issues identified in the unit programme. You will be expected to explain

– How the organisation engages with stakeholders on a broad range of ethical issues;
– How it identifies and manages issues affecting its corporate reputation and CSR policies, and what risks it faces from activists.
– Your literature review should include philosophical and theoretical foundations of the ethical issues, and how these views impact on the organisation’s approach to the management of its issues and/or crises. This section should also specify any international standards, codes of practice, guidance, legislation or regulations that govern the different issues with which the organisation is actively seized, and what compliance is expected.
– Your secondary research should cover how the organisation has communicated its ethical position in response to activists and the above standards, etc. through a critical analysis of the organisation’s CSR, annual report, and other corporate communications such as press releases, website, etc.
– Your primary research should explore one aspect of the organisation’s ethical policies or perceptions about one of its issues or crisis, using a one research method, eg a focus group, content analysis or a questionnaire.
– Finally, you are expected to identify the organisation’s principal vulnerability to a crisis and make recommendations on how it should avert such a crisis.

Assessment criteria: %

1. Seminar Output drafts and final appendices 20
2. Written research Report 80 Of which grades are awarded for:

Project Aim & Clarity of Research Parameters (05)
Literature Review (10)
Research (Sources & Scope) (20)
Intellectual Skills/ Comprehensiveness (30)
Recommendations (10)
Technical Skills (Presentation / referencing) (05)

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