Evaluating Ethical and Moral Behavior

APA format need a title page, abstract page, conclusion page and reference page please using the Daubert Standard Interpret ethical dilemmas in everyday criminal justice situations Resolve ethical dilemmas in criminal justice scenarios You are a member of a civilian police review board. Search the library and the Internet for information on a case involving police misconduct or judicial misconduct or malfeasance. Use the library, news reports, and the Internet to locate information on the case you have selected. In your discussion of the case, make sure to discuss the following: Details of the case and evaluation of ethical dilemmas involved, including all key details Details and evaluation of the code of conduct related to the case, including the ethical responsibility of the officer (including possible differences on how an officer acts off or on duty) Details and evaluation of societal opinions of the case, including potential implications for the community or political figures Close with a recommendation for the full review board to adopt regarding whether the individual who was involved in police misconduct should be subject to discipline. In your discussion, be sure to address the following: ?Implications of misconduct ?Recommended course of action for the officer

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