Evaluation Report : On your experience of developing and delivering a training session, and making suggestions for improvements Essay

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1b) 2000 words
Training session plan “how to safety use computer” (please see my draft and power point)
On your experience of developing and delivering a training session, and making suggestions for improvements. You will consider feedback from tutor, peers and self and use the academic literature to help you analyse your experience and make suggested improvements.* ( the tutorial process, tutor review and peer review will be uploaded as additional draft files. )
Revised session plan for training conducted in tutorial. On the basis of your analysis, you need to show any improvements you would make to your session plan. You must highlight the changes you made in the revised session plan (e.g. by using a contrasting font or “track changes”).

* Data for your report can be collated from the following sources.
Your personal reflection – evaluate your own performance
Group feedback
Tutor feedback
Evaluation sheets of training session from peers
Information from the completed forms mentioned above:
o Evaluating Team Meetings
o Evaluating your group processes
o Self Assessment Template
Include a minimum of 10 academic references. If you want higher grades include a lot more academic references.
Referencing: APA style – must be consistent

Ideas to show how to approach report
This document aims to give some specific suggestions on how to approach your essay and to offer some reminders or points of clarification.

Criteria Sheet for Assessment item 3: Please refer to the criteria sheet when writing your essay and make sure you include all listed items and aspects.

Revised session plan: Please make sure that your revised session plan is made really clear. For example, you could make “track changes” on the original session plan to highlight changes, or you could show changes in bold, or you could use a table format to help make the changes clear.

Approach: You have freedom within this essay to take the approach that you believe will be most effective. There is no one right way to write this piece. You can write about the aspects that were most important to you. You can use headings if you wish.

Think about the most effective way to use your own reflections and feedback from others. As well as your own observations, reflections and feedback from others, there are several reflective tools on the website (under “Other resources”), including “Evaluating Team Meetings”, “Evaluating your group processes”, and “Self-assessment template” that you may find useful.

The following gives some ideas for getting started on this essay, which is both personally reflective and academically focussed.

Each short paragraph below gives an example of how you could approach the essay. References such as X (2000) indicate how you can integrate the academic literature. While you can use the text and other books and chapters, you must include journal articles in your essay.

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