Evidence Based Practice Short Custom Essay

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Please use this text ~ Rubin, A. (2006). Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice and Evaluation. New York: Thomson Wadsworth Cengage. ISBN: 0495005835 And the uploaded PDF file to answer these seven questions-

  1. The steps of evidence based practice include formulating an answerable question. How does knowing about statistics improve your ability to be an evidence based practitioner at this step?
  2. The steps of evidence based practice also include locating relevant evidence to answer your question. How can knowing about statistics assist you in sorting through the available evidence for the best possibilities of answering your question?
  3. The steps of evidence based practice require you to critically evaluate evidence. How does knowing the underlying principles of hypothesis testing, covariance and probability assist you in your critical evaluation?
  4. The steps of evidence based practice require you to evaluate outcomes at the individual case level. How does knowing about statistics, especially the limitations of statistics, enable you to effectively evaluate case level outcomes?
  5. Discuss how engaging in the evidence based practice process enables you to be a more ethical, compassionate and effective social work practitioner. Contrast evidence based practice with relying on authority to make practice decisions. Use Gambrill’s article “Social Work: An Authority-Based Profession” in your answer.
  6. Explain why failing to reject the null hypothesis is not the same as confirming it.
  7. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each measure of central tendency. Please number each answer just as I have provider an answer for #1 and label it as #1. Provide and answer for #2 and label it as #2 and so on. Also please make sure the answer are clear, thoughtful, intelligent and relevant to the text and PDF file I have uploaded. Please note that answers to questions #6 and #7 DO NOT need to reference the PDF file only the textbook I referenced. Please make sure each answer is grammaticly correct. Finally please make sure that each answer is as close to one page as possible.

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