Evidence for the importance of supra-threshold hearing abilities for speech recognition Custom Essay

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The consideration points are listed bellow Firstly; please recruit the specialist in my department to get more benefit in improving the essay and achieve the aims Secondly; I attached my previous proposal just to follow the same style in writing and level of language. Although, it is not include the same topic, it is the last one that mu Prof has red. So Please I don’t want any noticeable differences in style or level.

Thirdly; please tell the writer all words and language and style must be by the British standard. Also the writing level should seem to be written by non English speaker Fourthly; the essay must be in critical approach and has to have a lot of arguments part Fifthly; the essay must follow all point and notes that in the scheme sheet which i will include .

The reference in Harvard style and include the certain no of pages after each paragraph to help me when i reread the text .

The space have to be 1.5 between lines the way of introduction should be same the way of introduction which in Moore book with mention to the both proposition with paraphrase them .

Also you have to include an executive summery in the first page that indicate all important information as a bullet points .

Please mention briefly both part of magnitude of noise and articulation index either in the introduction briefly or in the separate paragraph in the essay .However you can mention brief thing about the topic ,then complete them in the appendix The most vital thing that the evidence that will be explained by the same way of Moore book in pages 201,202,203…..etc, this way in explaining the evidence in terms of mentioning the data and the used equipments also the atmosphere of the experiments and the aims of this experiments and the advantage and disadvantage and your opinion in this experiments and which proposition it is with You have to concentrate on that the sensenuaral hearing loss data is the required .
As a result you have to avoid talk about any another type of hearing loss such as or sever .However you can minion the data of normal hearing in the experiment as Moore has done profound I will include some reference please use them and add some on them because the minimum experiment is 7 and maximum is 9 to 10.

Please you have to include the table or the carves which indicate your point and your idea. The proposition i recommended is Proposition B .So you have to reach this proposition in conclusion and indicate the reason of why you choose this proposition and way you recommend this than another one .
You have to be critic in this part as well. please conclude this article by the satisfied conclusion .

Please do not copy past any part . Please keep paraphrasing of each point. Please emphasise on executive summery because the Prof strongly concentrate on this part of essay Lastly please take in your account that all articles i attached my Prof Know it and read it sometimes reread it .So please be careful with all information and keep the no of each pages.
I will attche some articles and one of them is A review of speech perception and aging
Actually it is not for the specific mild to modrate sensenural hearing loss . However it has the berfict way to follow in writing the evedence .
The no of pages have to 6 pages in space 1.5 and appendix after finishing this pages Consontrate on the article which about review of speech perception and aging

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