Evidence synthesis criteria on obesity prevention and education Academic Essay

Appendix AEVIDENCE SYNTHESIS PAPER CRITERIA AND GRADING RUBRIC CLO 16??Signature AssignmentThe evidence synthesis paper will be a 10 to 12 page paper in APA format (excluding title page, abstract, references and appendix) thatwill form the second section of your scholarly examination of the clinical problem from your B&S paper. You may use portions of yourbackground and significance paper as appropriate to your topic. Remember to keep chapter 1 of your DNP CSP manuscript in mind whendeveloping this paper. The evidence synthesis will review the theoretical foundation of your clinical problem and present the relevantliterature to answer the posed clinical question. Include an appendix with a Matrix table of relevant research articles (max of 10 articles??you may include the prior 5 from your B&S paper). You will present a critical appraisal of the key studies contributing to the body ofevidence related to your clinical problem topic, and present your synthesis of the appraised evidence. You will present a description of aproposed plan for studying the implementation into a clinical setting, including a discussion of the ethical implications to participantsrelated to the study.Please revise and follow rubric. I also attached my background and significance paper that has to be used in the paper. Please help. Iordered this paper from this website and my paper failed. Please follow the attached rubric and use my background and significancepaper onto this one please. My teacher noted on the email that you need to clean it up, follow the rubric, and put the headers in, thecontent is very well but it needs to follow the rubric.

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