Evolution of the Human Biocultural Adaptive Strategy Academic Essay

ESSAY: Choose ONE of the factors on your feedback loop, and write a 600850word story explaining your ideas abouthow this characteristic evolved (or not) in TWO different species of hominin. How has this factor influenced the evolution ofhominin adaptive strategies? Each factor should be labeled with one of the following abbreviations:***a. Shared with all mammals (Mammalian Adaptive Strategy/ M)b. Shared with all primates (Primate Adaptive Strategy/ P)c. Shared with all hominins (Hominin Adaptive Strategy/ Hom)d. Shared with Genus Homo (Genus Homo Adaptive Strategy/ GH)e. Uniquely Human (Homo sapien Adaptive Strategy/ HS)ESSAY: Your narrative essay should be creative, brave, and solidly grounded in evidence and other course material.The word count applies to the essay section onlynotthe diagram or the works cited.Make sure your essay addresses feedback, and how the factor you have chosen to focus on is related to at least two otherfactors on your feedback loop.The essay is to include at least three (3) clear references to course material (readings, lectures, discussions, films). You donot need full MLA or APA citations, as all material has been provided in class. Just be sure to give me enough informationso that I can check your reference if I need to.The essay must include a works cited.Do not use any material from outside this course.*A narrative essay is another way of saying a story. Think of the stories I have told you in class, like the one about themoon and symbolic thinking.**We have covered more than 15 factors. Choose the factors you feel are most significant to the Human Adaptive Strategy.Be sure to include at least two factors from each category (a, b, c, d, and e).***Please indicate if any factors are characteristics that have evolved along with us. For example, if you are including BrainSize as a factor, you would say that it began as P/evolved tremendously in GH/ and is maximized in HS. Use whateververbage, code, or shorthand you like, but please DO clarify any factors that overlap different adaptive strategies and /orhave e

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