Your IRAC should analyze how or why his ACT was intentional. This is the way you must analyze these scenarios.International ACT occurs when you punched someone because you balled up your hand in a fist, cocked back your arm and threw that fist towards the persons face. An action like this is not by accident and therefore was intentional. Students MUST restate the entire element. Ex. Element 2 of Assault: Bob caused Jack to apprehension of an immediate harmful or offensive contact because . . . You will received partial credit: You didnt fully analyze the elements of the rule Your issue was not in the form of a question (with a question mark) You stated a conclusion at the beginning of the analysis (Ex.: Bob is liable for assault . . . Bob committed a battery because . . . ). Students must start the sentence with the element and not a conclusion. Your analysis didnt include the element followed by because . . .

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