Experiential Marketing in Contemporary Retailing Academic Essay

You are required to complete an individual essay of 2,300 words (excluding tables, diagrammes, bibliography/list of references, and appendices) on the application of the concepts of Experiential Marketing by 2 retailers of your choice. You will review and analyse the material (literature) associated with this area collected through secondary research. You will also collect primary data through observations and perhaps interviews by conducting primary (field) research. Notes for students Carefully collect and review the literature associated with Experiential Marketing. From your reading, identify the criteria, which you will use to assess retailers application of the concepts associated with this theory. This is a very important part of the assignment, as insufficient effort here will render the rest of the task very difficult to complete. You will also conduct field research and will collect information first hand through observations. Your practical observation should cover appropriate elements of the retail marketing mix. In the lectures, the theory of Experiential Marketing will be explained and discussed. You are expected to research material on your own and include relevant information from your research into your essay (reference). However, as this is a fairly new area of research, you are unlikely to find much material in textbooks. Therefore, you will need to consult academic journals. When doing online searches for relevant articles, you may need to think of other alternative search words other than Experiential Marketing e.g. leisure shopping etc. Business press and quality newspapers are also good sources of information. (See the reading list in this module information pack for some suggestions.) Make sure that your essay is evaluative and analytical and not descriptive. You are required to include references to the relevant literature sources throughout your assignment in order to demonstrate your extent of reading and research. You would write a Conclusion in the end of your essay this is an important part and should outline your main findings related to the extent to which/how the retailers you observed apply the concepts of Experiential Marketing. Assessment Criteria 1. The extent to which the criteria identified to review the retailers are appropriate.2. The extent to which the retail observations are thorough, the discussion is evaluative and analytical and demonstrates insight into the subject matter, both theoretically and in an applied sense.3. The extent to which additional academic background research has been undertaken and used resourcefully within the essay.4. The skills of essay writing in terms of structure, clarity of expression, Harvard referencing, adherence to the word limit and inclusion of bibliography.(LOs assessed by this Essay:LO1. Discuss with confidence the multi-faceted role performed by retailers in bringing together production and consumptionLO3. Demonstrate the ability to apply Retail Marketing concepts to the practice of retail organisations in the UK and elsewhere in the world, draw conclusions and generate alternative courses of actionLO4. Identify and analyse current trends within Retail Marketing and discuss the implications for retail organisations and consumers.)Place your order now for a similar paper and have exceptional work written by our team of experts to guarantee you A Results Why Choose US 6+ years experience on custom writing 80% Return Client Urgent 2 Hrs Delivery Your Privacy Guaranteed Unlimited Free Revisions

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