Expertise and Development; conceptualise learning, development and expertise in terms of relevant theories custom essay

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2.2 Learning Objectives
After successfully completing this course you should be able to:

1 conceptualise learning, development and expertise in terms of relevant theories
2 apply learning theories to the effective development of practical vocational knowledge and expertise
4 argue for an appropriate theoretical approach to developing instructional strategies to develop student learning and
5 argue for the strengths and limitations of different theoretical concepts in understanding and promoting learning, development and expertise in learning settings.

Assignment 2

Type: Essay
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 4, 5
Due Date:
25 May 12
Weight: 50%
Task Description:
Length: 3,000 words
Assessment Task
Choose an instructional strategy or method that you could use effectively in your teaching area, Using a
range of literature evaluate this strategy in terms of cognitive theories about the nature of knowledge, the
acquisition of skills, the development of expertise, and the transfer of knowledge.
This assignment involves using a wide range of literature to:
1. identify and describe an instructional strategy or method
2. analyse the kinds of knowledge that this strategy or method will develop
3. relate these kinds of knowledge to
o the development of skills,
o the development of expertise, and
o the development of the capacity for near and far transfer
4. contrast the effectiveness of the instructional strategy or method to two other possible strategies or
methods and
5. argue an overall appraisal of the strategy or method and discuss a possible application in your
teaching area.

Criteria & Marking:
Assessment criteria
Your essay will be marked on the following criteria:
1. ability to theorise learning, development and expertise
2. quality of comparison between, and justification for, different theoretical concepts used to understand and promote learning, development and expertise
3. relevance and justification of a specific theoretical approach to the use of selected instructional strategies
4. level of coherence and cohesion of text, standard of expression and referencing
A full criteria sheet will be published on the course site on learning@griffith. Please use it to guide your preparation and writing of your assignments.

This assessment item:
? is a school based activity
? does not include a self assessment activity

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