Family and Consumer Science Essay

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Judy Root Aulette offers general descriptions of American families across race, class and ethnicity. How accurate are Aulette’s generalizations given Roger Jack’s family and your personal experience? Answer this essay question by discussing Roger Jack’s family and your own family–showing the ways these two families conform or fail to conform to Aulette’s generalizations.

Read and re-read “An Indian Story” by Roger Jack. Then think about how that family fits and fails to fit Aulette’s brief description of Native American families. But think about this, too: Does Jack’s family exemplify any of the characteristics Aulette associates with working class African-American families or any other type of family in Aulette’s essay? Next, consider, which type or types of families best fit your own family? Explain how Aulette’s generalizations reflect your individual family and describe any ways in which your family is unlike the patterns researchers see.

Four pages
Clear thesis as last sentence of first paragraph
Subsequent paragraphs must open with topic sentences
Adhere to MLA style/conventions for format, in text citations and works cited page
Cite from both Jacks and Aulette’s text

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