Feminism Custom Essay

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Papers should be between 8 and 10 typed pages (this refers to the text of your paper and does not include title page, bibliography, or any additional material such as appendices).
This is a very broad topic; your challenge should not be how to fill eight pages but how to edit your material down to eight.
Margins should be no more than one inch all round and spacing should be 1.5 or double.

For many people, the word feminism is loaded with negative connotations. For this assignment I want you to research what feminism is. Your research into this topic should enable you to answer the questions listed below. You may also identify and include other questions which arise as you explore the subject.

Define it and explain what you understand it to be.
Explain when it started and why.
Identify what its goals and objectives are.
Who were and are the main players?
What do you consider to be the seminal written works within feminism and why?
Why does it have such a negative image?
How has feminism changed over time?
How did the negative image arise and how is it perpetuated?
What are the objections that are voiced against feminism and feminists?
Is there still a need for feminism in the present day?
What are feminism?s implications for women and men in the present, both generally and with reference to the workplace?

If instead of addressing the above questions, you decide to focus on particular aspects of feminism, state in your introduction what they are and why you have chosen them.

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