its a case study of the subject strategic management.the case study is about the car company Fiat and its merger with CHRYSLER. You are asked to prepare a report, focusing on three issues: 1. An analysis of the external factors impacting upon the car industries in which the company operates and the rationale for the two companies to go together This question refers to the reasons behind the merger/acquisition. Why did Marchionne make a multi-billion dollar bet? Why did he decide to buy a moribund Chrysler (it wasnt the first time that Chrysler had gone bankrupt)? What external factors could justify this decision? The question is orientated to external factors but the firm/environment interface should not be ignored. A reduced PESTLE (i.e. analyse only relevant elements, skip the rest) is of course useful, but other tools such as Porters 5 forces may be more analytical in revealing the industry key factors. (Using chapters 4 to 6 in Haberberg & Reiple as starting point). 2. How Fiat-Chrysler is likely to perform compared to its rivals and any competitive advantage it may obtain from going together; this includes the identification of critical resources Here we are interested in your critical evaluation of Chryslers and FIATs performance (in a general sense) since the merger. General and specific performance indicators should be chosen in accordance with the elements revealed as critical in question 1. (Use chapter 11 in Haberberg & Reiple as starting point). 3. Three strategic options appropriate for implementation subsequent to going together Strategy in a business context is about procuring above average sustainable returns (for profit making organisations at least). In this light, a strategic option is a means to an end; a tactic used in order to arrive at the final goal which is higher returns (the textbook is a little vague on this question and uses different words to mean strategic option). This answer should flow from question 2. What are the key issues at stake for the two firms (and in particular FIAT because they are in the drivers seat)? How should these issues be addressed? Recommendations should be as concrete and developed as possible (imagine you are a consultant or the boss of FIAT), use a 5 to ten year framework. (Use chapter 12 in Haberberg & Reiple as starting point). ALSO the book Robert M Grant, Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 6th Edition, Blackwell, 2008. needs to be used along with Haberberg, Adrian, Rieple, Alison [2007] Strategic Management: Theory and Application. Oxford University Press (SMTA) for major part of the assigments. P.S:-there are various articles given to me on the black board of my univeisty regarding fiat and chrysle,if can pls try and keep in touch with me the writer i can guide you through the process. Place your order now for a similar paper and have exceptional work written by our team of experts to guarantee you A Results Why Choose US 6+ years experience on custom writing 80% Return Client Urgent 2 Hrs Delivery Your Privacy Guaranteed Unlimited Free Revisions

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