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Your company has been hired as the consultant for University Utara Malaysia (UUM) effective 1st May 2012. Since you are the expert in the Balanced Scorecard, the Chief Executive Officer of your company, Mrs. Sabariah, trusted you to become the leader for this project.
The Vice-chancellor (VC) of UUM, Professor Dr. Hj. Mohamed Mustafa bin Ishak has called for a strategic planning meeting to discuss the new motto, vision and mission of the university. The new motto of UUM has been change from ?FIRST CHOICE UNIVERSITY? to ?EMINENT MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY?. Since the motto, vision and mission of the university has been changed, the Honorary VC suggested that the university should implement Balanced Scorecard so as to achieve the above objectives by 2013.
a) Write a report to the Vice-chancellor of UUM suggesting the ?key ingredients? (by giving specific examples) in implementing Balanced Scorecard towards achieving the new motto (EMINENT MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY).
b) Is it really important for UUM to adopt the Balanced Scorecard in achieving its objectives? Please discuss.

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