Find two reviews of One Amazing Thing using the online databases

Assignment: Find two reviews of One Amazing Thing using the online databases. These reviews should make at least one specific claim about the novel. Construct an argument responding to these claims.You are not writing an assessment of the book. You are not using the articles to support a general point about the book or any of the subjects addressed in the book.To help you with the articles, consider the following questions: What do they claim? How can those claims be supported? What definitions are important to understanding the claims? What appeals to logic or to values do the claims make? What counterarguments can reasonably be made?.Purpose: to persuade the reader to adopt your viewpointAudience: generalLength requirement: enough to adequately make your casePoint of view: Use third person. Use first person (I, me, or my) sparingly. Do not use second person you.Requirement: Include a claim (statement of position). Place the claim as the last sentence in your introductory paragraph.Research: Two articles from online databases. They must be reviews of the book. (Editorials are acceptable if they discuss the book in detail.) You must make a real attempt to quote and paraphrase your sources properly. Since you may be reading the material for how to construct a Works Cited page around the time this paper is due, you must also include one. I will not count off for an incorrect Works Cited page. I will count off for an omitted one..

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