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The purpose of the discovery essay is construct an expository or persuasive essay that explains a discovery you have made in any of your cyber journeys from any one of the learning modules up to this assignment due date. Your essay should reflect your interest, synthesis, and analysis of a relevant subject to this course and be in the form of an academic essay. It should also connect any art form with the broader culture of an area or time period.

Discovery essays are your chance to relate your cyber journeys into the humanities. This can be experiences in music, painting, history, ideas, the fine arts, or social movements which tie into the periods of time and cultures we are studying. Try to connect the arts to broader social and historical issues if possible.

Please follow the conventions of the five paragraph or multiparagraph essay. Introduce needed background and lead into your thesis in your introduction. Develop your thesis throughout 3-5 body paragraphs and then end with a summary/conclusion. Maintain a third-person, objective point of view required in academic discourse. Remember that this is your discovery already so you don’t have to use first person voice.

Explore Writing Resources to cover a variety of areas in writing the essay.

Regardless of length, all essays should have the following structure:

Title: Make an original title that reflects your thesis or main idea.
Voice:Use third-person, objective voice, avoid 1st person and slang.
Introduction: Introduce your topic and lead into your thesis.
Thesis Statement: Develop your essay around a thesis or main idea.
Body Paragraphs: (3-5) Begin body paragraphs with topic sentences.
Documentation: Use parenthetical citations for historical details, dates and quotes.
Conclusion: Summarize main points and re-state thesis.

Be sure to cite the source of your information using parenthetical citations and a reference or Works Cited page. See the resources in Documentation if you are unfamiliar with using parenthetical citations and a matching Works Cited (MLA or APA format)

Suggestion: Use at least 2-3 sources outside of your textbook. Limit Wikipedia to just one of your sources.

Send your essay directly to the instructor using the dropbox below. Please send your essay as an attachment. Send your Essay and Works Cited together in the same document. (Save your file in Rich Text Format if you use a program other than MS Word.)

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