Flashlight Rating Scale for Evidence/Data Based Research Presentation

Please use the book format: Hatch, T. (2014). The use of data in school counseling: Hatching results for students, programs, and the profession. Corwin: Thousand Oaks. CA. Flashlight Rating Scale Rubric For Evidence/Data Based Research Presentation – Category 1: Slide Content Standards Possible Points Earned Points Title slide identifies name of presentation, school, counselor(s) [p.244] – ASCA student counseling standards and competencies addressed (include standards and competencies) [p.245] – One or more slides presenting two interventions considered based on school/student needs and rationale for final intervention selection [see picture from class in BB announcements] – Lesson or intervention addresses a need identified by school data [pp.248] – Relevant research connecting need to activity presented [p.249] – Complete process data for curriculum lesson activity reported. Who, what, when, and how often was the activity conducted? If intentional guidance, indicated target group. [pp. 246-247] – Sampling results of the pre/posttest (perception data) are reported [pp.250-251], including graphic representation (i.e., bar, line chart) [pp.252-253] – Achievement-related data are presented and linked to perception data and the targeted achievement indicator [p.254] – Achievement data that link to the activity are reported, including graphic representations [pp.255-256] There is a slide summarizing the main points and lessons learned (and their implications) [pp.258-259] 3 One or more slides address limitations of the lessons and/or results [p.259] – One or more slides address next steps and/or improvement [pp.257, 260] – A thank-you slide acknowledges the contributions of teachers and staff to the work of school counselors [p.261] Please add charts and graphs and please follow the book instructions format.

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