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Reminder – Restaurant Tour and Interview

Restaurant Tour & Interview

,Students (individually ) need to formulate a total of 15 professional questions (based on concepts learned in this course) and schedule an interview with a restaurant official(s). Students are expected to tour the facility as well. Students are expected to provide the name and address of the restaurant visited, the date of the visit, and the complete contact information of the individual(s) interviewed.

There is no limit on the number of pages. The paper needs to consist of the following sections: 1. Front Page (the front page needs to have the following: Your name, professor�s name, course title, course number, the name of the restaurant, and the date), 2. Table of Contents, 3. Introduction, 4. Questions and Answers (the questions should be typed followed by answers), 5. Conclusion and 6. Reference (the name, position title, company, and complete contact information of the professional you interviewed).

Please make sure that you implement the following:
– you avoid questions that may be answered by Yes or No.
– you need to formulate your questions based on the various topics discussed in this course so far (basing your questions on concepts learned from the book)
– you avoid personal questions (e.g. what made you interested in this company? did you recently fire someone? etc.)
– make sure that you schedule the interview in advance and clearly state your purpose. You may send your questions in advance to give the professional time to think about them.
– dress and act professionally (represent well yourself and the school you will be getting your degree from).

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I live in san francisco ,please choose from this area. and i am a international students
thanks your help!
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