Food Hygiene Legislation custom essay

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Coursework Instructions and Marking Scheme

Title: Food Hygiene Legislation

1. Question and Instructions

You have been asked by a Senior Environmental Health Practitioner (SEHP) to provide a 1500 word report on a recent food hygiene inspection and detail the most appropriate level of intervention.

2. Background

You work for Downtown City Council in the busy Food Safety Division.

You accompanied an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP) on a routine food hygiene inspection. During the course of the visit, conditions were found which contravened food hygiene legislation. The SEHP was called out to help in the inspection and the conditions at the food premises were photographed. The SEHP has asked that you prepare a report explaining the contraventions and recommend the most appropriate level of intervention.
3. Marks will be allocated for the following:
Summary – a short paragraph outlining the Report (Marks Available 5)

Background – what powers the EHP has and the levels of intervention available. (to include, authorisation, powers of entry and references to current legislation) (Marks Available 30)

Report on Inspection – With reference to the photographs, detail the contraventions (if any) of current food hygiene regulations and recommend the most appropriate level of intervention to reduce the risk to Public Health. (Marks Available 40)

Conclusion (Marks Available 10)
Range and suitability of references used, content of any Appendices (Marks Available 5)
Presentation (Marks Available 10)


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