Food Security Academic Essay

Part b: compare the argument in two papers (10% of total assessment) on Food Security This task requires you to do four things: Select a related scholarly article this may be taken from one of the Librarys online databases but should not be an opinion piece or similar, written specifically for the internet. In other words, it should be an example of publishable academic work (a product you aspire to writing). Summarize this article and explain the ways in which it is relevant for comparison with the first. Compare the two articles. Comment on and explain their relative strengths and weaknesses and analyze the ways in which reading the two has expanded your knowledge and/or skills not just: two articles, two sets of knowledge. How have the two combined to expand knowledge? Write a short essay. Your analysis of the 2 perspectives should be constructed as a short essay (<1,500 words), with abrief introduction and conclusion. Each main paragraph should have its own topic sentence, summarizing the main point of the paragraph. There should be a logical development through the essay so that your readers can follow the flow of your thoughts and travel alongside you as you lead them through your comparison. Remember to include short, pertinent,direct quotationsfromthearticlesbeingcompared.Supportyoursummaryofeach reading with reference to at least two secondary texts from the library (i.e. four texts including thetwo articlesbeingcompared).Thesecondarytextsfromthelibrarymayincludefull-text journal articles or books (thousands of each can be found in the librarys e-resources if you dont want to visit the library).

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