Games and Networks Academic Essay

Games and Networks Kent County Council will soon vote on two bills to build new bypass roads in Canterbury and Maidstone, respectively. If a bill is passed, it will cost each district of Kent ?1 million, but if a bypass is built in a district, the benefit to the district will be quite significant. Canterburys estimate is that each district would reap a benefit of ?10 million; Maidstones estimate is more conservative at ?9 million to Canterbury and ?8.5 million to Maidstone. Both bills are voted on simultaneously. Neither district can get the bill passed unless they can ensure one more vote to support their bill. Canterburys councillor does not trust Maidstones councillor (and vice versa) sufficiently to enable cooperation, although Maidstones councillor believes if they both supported a bill it would be carried. Canterburys councillor is more pessimistic: she thinks that in the current economic climate even if both of them voted yes for a bill it would still only have an 80% chance. Maidstones councillor also could offer a bribe to another councillor not directly affected for ?100000 Thanets councillor would support Maidstones bill, enabling it to go through in Maidstones opinion. (This option of a bribe is of course secret and would come out of Maidstones budget as a consultancy fee.) Formulate and solve this hypergame. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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