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Paper detailsThis Assessment is a Case Study Report. It focusses on the future roles and functions of IT in a selected organisation withina chosen New Zealand sector, as it addresses sustainability issues in ways that are effective, meet professional standards,are socially responsible, and are conducted according to appropriate ethical principles.For this Case Study Report, first select one of the following New Zealand sectors for study: Health care Banking and finance Transport Energy Agritechnology Creative and digital design ( advertising and graphic design) Information and communication technology Hospitality or TourismThen, from within your chosen sector, choose for case study a particular organisation a business or an institution.Your Case Study Report will be presented in the following four Sections:Section 1: Using information from internet sources and print media, write a brief descriptionof the current roles and functions of IT in your chosen Case Sector.Section 2: Basing your work on class discussions and the Moodle resource, writea) A wellreasonedoutlook for sustainability challenges facing the Case Sector and the sustainabilityrelatedopportunitiesavailable to the sector.b) Your recommendations concerning the most important future IT developments for the sector as it adjusts and adapts tothe challenges and opportunities that you have identified.Section 3: Based on an interview with a salesperson, duty manager, manager or senior IT person in the Case Organisation,writea) A brief description of the current roles and functions of IT in the organisation. In many organisations this is their websiteb) The current IT ethical principles and approach to social responsibility.( ie how do they dispose of their waste, cananything be recycled)c) The organisations current views of the major future challenges and opportunities for ITYou will need to get a signed consent form PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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