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When studying any particular phenomenon, geographers seek to answer two questions: (1) “Where?” and (2) “Why there?” [Note: this is a theme you will encounter repeatedly in this course.]

With these two questions in mind, let us focus on agricultural commodities (for example, dairy, fruits, row crops, and vegetables) produced for a large local (that is, urban) market. Where are these commodities grown? Why are these commodities grown there?

The Question
With these concepts in mind, discuss (in your own words) the general spatial segregation or arrangement of dairying, fruit-growing, row-cropping, and vegetable-farming activities around a large local market, such as that found in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Things to Consider
(1) Use the figure below to help you discuss where each commodity is produced. (2) Then discuss why each commodity is grown there. Addressing the general factors involved in a farmer’s decision-making process when considering what to grow/produce should help in your discussion of the second point.

proximity versus topography
Schematic showing the influence of landscape roughness and proximity to market on agricultural activities.

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