Global Climate Change, not as Serious as Some Say Custom Essay

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Make sure to use 10 or 12 point font (NO other sizes). Make sure to use 1” margins on all sides. Make sure to use type style font. No Courier font. Make sure to put your last name and page number on every page of the paper. Make sure References page is in alphabetical order, numbers are NOT given at the beginning of each entry, and entries are double spaced (within and between entries – no single spacing at all). Make sure the body of the paper is at least 6 full pages. Make sure that all quotes, summaries and paraphrases are documented. Make sure that all quotes, summaries and paraphrases are woven into your syntax. Make sure that all sources used are on Works Cited page and all bibliographic information is given on that page in MLA format. Make sure all documentation is correct. Make sure all six steps of classical argument have been followed or that your informational organization is clear. Make sure you have done something original with your topic rather than just spit out common knowledge. Make sure you have avoided all second person pronouns – using third person variations instead. This means NO use of “you” or its variations. Make sure you have used and documented at least 10 sources (no more than one of the ten can be internet based (i.e. a website). You may use additional internet sites above the ten sources). NO ENCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLES WILL BE COUNTED AS SOURCES (This includes Wikipedia.). You should rely primarily on academic/scholarly journal articles, and this is the only kind of source you may use exclusively.

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