Globalization, Social issues and Public policy. custom essay

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Choose only one of the followings four essay questions for assignment two.
1.What do you understand by the term Non-Government Organisation? Compare and contrast the approaches taken by several non-government organisations to a particular social issue (if you work with or are familiar with one of these organisations please include it in your response). Which organisations have had the most influence in terms of both public opinion and government policy on this issue? Why?


2.What do you understand by the concept ‘social capital’? What are the different methodologies which have been developed to measure ‘social capital’. Discuss how this concept is being used to address a social issue of your choice.


3.What are the different definitions and typologies of stakeholders? What does ‘accountability to stakeholders’ mean? Why should governments consult ‘stakeholders’. In relation to an issue of particular importance to your organisation or an organisation with which you are most familiar, discuss the different stakeholder relationships.


4.What do you understand by the term ‘community’? Identify the issues that have been of concern to community groups (such as the impact of globalisation, environmental concerns and social equity issues). How have these groups reacted and with what success – particularly in relation to exercising community leadership?

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