Go to Http://www.gmi.org and search for European History

Go to Http://www.gmi.org and search for The Ten Commandments of America Culture.” The list presents ten sayings that represent commonly accepted American cultural values. T. 1. You cant argue with success. (Results count.) 2. Live and let live. (Be tolerant.) 3. Time flies when youre having fun. (Have lots of fun.) 4. Shop till you drop. (Enjoy the fruit of your Success.) 5. Just do it. (Action is the key to success.) 6. No pain no gain. (Get tough.) 7. Enough is enough. (Stand up for your right.) 8. Time is money. (Dont waste time.) 9. Rules are made to be broken. (Think for your self.) 10. God helps those who help themselves. (Work hard.) Think about how these “American” values may not be as relevant to Africa Americans, Hispanic Americans, or Asian Americans as they are Euro- Americans. Write a two -to three pages essay that analyzes how these could lead to lack of motivation, poor productivity and conflict in the workplace

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