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1 Demonstrate the organisation’s strategy by linking it to its vision and mission.
? Strategy link to vision (5 Marks)
? Strategy link to mission (5 Marks)
(10 marks)

2 (a) Evaluate the industry environment, and the organisational response
from a business-level strategic perspective.
? Clear description of industry based on research (5 Marks)
? How it shapes the way the organisation has developed its strategy (5 Marks)

Note: Must include who, what and how (in “for profit” industries must use low-
cost, differentiated product etc. also)

(b) Describe and/or draw Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces to demonstrate your
answer to 2 (a) above.

The following must include a description with a tie to (a) above
? Rivalry among existing industry (3 Marks)
? Threat of substitutes (3 Marks)
? Threat of new entrants (3 Marks)
? Bargaining power of suppliers (3 Marks)
? Bargaining power of customers (3 Marks)
(25 marks)
3 (a) Examine the global perspectives the company needs to factor into the
implementation of their strategy.
? Statement of appropriate global perspectives (5 Marks)
? Thorough explanation of why these are important (5 Marks)
(b) Analyse their success OR if these factors have not been considered,
recommend an approach tied to their strategy.
? Explanation on success or recommendation (5 Marks)
? Includes links to the strategy (5 Marks)
(20 marks)
4 (a) Demonstrate whether their functional level strategy supports the

? What their functional level strategy is – can include efficiency, quality,
the use of Best Practices and Innovation, marketing, H-R (employee
training, self-managing teams, pay for performance), responsiveness,
infrastructure, IT (5 Marks)

? Uses examples, statistical evidence to show whether it is successful
(5 Marks)

(b) Analyse the implementation of the functional strategy through the use of a
congruence model or other relevant model.

? Model (5 Marks)
? Relatedness, either shown clearly through the model itself or through
an appropriate description (5 Marks)
(20 marks)

5 Analyse one critical problem the company is facing related to either the functional
level, business level or global level perspective AND critically evaluate the
company’s response to it.

? Clear description of problem (5 Marks)
? Appropriate link to functional, business or global level (5 Marks)
? Logical examination of the company’s response (5 Marks)
? Strengths and weaknesses (5 Marks)
(20 marks)
6. Discuss the appropriateness of your chosen company’s current overall vision and

Advantages, disadvantages, merits (5 Marks)

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