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Please just place the simple answer on the same paper a under each question, Approximately 200 words for each question. ( No reference )

Question 1

We start POL1000 by trying to get a sense of what we mean by politics. What does it encompass? Here are some questions you might like to address and discuss in this forum:
• How has politics affected your life?
• What are some of the major interest groups in Australia (or in your own country) that are attempting to influence government?
What interest groups are you associated with (eg through your job, your family needs, etc)? ( Approximately 200 words ) ( have look at Module 1 of the PowerPoint )

Question 2

Government decisions, and politics more generally, have had a huge influence on most people’s lives, yet we rarely think about this. Please share your experience of how politics has shaped your life. ( Approximately 200 words ) ( have look at Module 1 of the PowerPoint )

Question 3

We’re looking at the big picture stuff of politics. What do you think of the rival ideologies outlined in the textbook (liberalism, social democracy, nationalism etc)? And what about the different models of government? Is a liberal state better than a statist one? Or a social-democratic one? Where do you think Australia fits in?

Have a think, too, about how the different ideologies answer the three central questions of POL1000. ( Approximately 200 words ) ( have look at Module 2 of the PowerPoint )

Question 4

We discuss trade unionism and the Labor Party. Is Probert right when she argues there is a power imbalance in the workplace? Do workers benefit from joining and strengthening trade unions? Have workers benefited from having a Labor party? (Are American workers better off for not having a labour party?) Why has union coverage declined in Australia and other western countries? Has this had any implications for workers?
All your thoughts, questions, reflections on the readings, etc… ( Approximately 200 words ) ( have look at Module 7 of the PowerPoint )

Question 5

Community activism is an important part of modern politics. How do communities promote their interests? What did you think of the video (Community action and the environment)? Does it hold lessons for other communities.
One of the issues that communities are mobilising around today is the expansion of coal seam gas. That and proposed new coal mines are big issues around Toowoomba, where USQ is based.
Students who are interested can also read and discuss some of the important social movements, such as feminism. ( Approximately 200 words ) ( have look at Module 8 of the PowerPoint )

Question 6

We look at some of the different ways business tries to get government to respond to its wishes. How successful is business at getting its way? Where does business get its power to influence government and politics? Is business too powerful? Your thoughts on all this and more…!! ( Approximately 200 words ) ( have look at Module 9 of the PowerPoint )

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